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World Wine Discoveries
Keeping Family Tradition Alive


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World Wine Discoveries seeks to find and bring to light the world’s best boutique wines and wineries -- with a purpose and a passion.

We believe that enjoying great wines need not be a burdensome, expensive endeavor, rather, a delightful journey that brings joy to your life.

World Wine Discoveries

Keeping Family Tradition Alive!

World Wine Discoveries is pleased to be associated with the best restaurants and wine shops in Austin, the Dallas Metro area and San Antonio. Each of these establishments shares our passion for great wine and great food and their staff are experts in pairing wines with your next meal. Please visit them today and ask for wines offered by World Wine Discoveries.

We are adding more locations every month. If you own, manage, or buy wine for a restaurant or wine shop and are interested in offering wines by World Wine Discoveries, please contact us today!


11 Plates
Tel: 512.328.0110   Website

219 West
Tel: 512.474.2194   Website

Asti Trattoria
Tel: 512.451.1218   Website

Bess Bistro
Tel: 512.477.2377   Website

Cafe Josie
Tel: 5512.322.9226   Website

Cedar Valley Spirits and Wine
Tel: 512.288.4937   Website

Chez Nous
Tel: 512.473.2413   Website

Coal Vines Austin
Tel: 512.473.2744   Website

Cork & Company
Tel: 512.474.2675   Website

Cru Domain
Tel: 512.339.9463   Website

Davenport Wine and Spirits
Tel: 512.732.2900   Website

East End Wines
Tel: 512.904.9056   Website

Tel: 512.371.6840   Website

Tel: 512.474.2905   Website

Flour and Vine
Tel: 512.474.4846   Website

Fonda San Miguel
Tel: 512.459.4121   Website

Gino’s Italian Restaurant
Tel: 512.218.9922   Website

Green Pastures
Tel: 512.444.4747   Website

Hotel Saint Cecilia
Tel: 5512.852.2400   Website

House Wine
Tel: 512.322.5210   Website

Justine’s Brasserie
Tel: 512.385.2900   Website

Kenichi Sushi
Tel: 512.320.8883   Website

King Liquor (Burnet Rd.)
Tel: 512.419.1999   Website

Lake Travis Wine Trader
Tel: 512.263.9798   Website

Tel: 512.494.1500   Website

Malaga Tapas & Bar
Tel: 512.236.8020   Website

Tel: 512.236.1022   Website

Tel: 512.804.2700   Website

Paggi House
Tel: 512.473.3700   Website

Personal Wine
Tel: 512.476.9463   Website

Quickie Pickie
Tel: 512.479.0136   Website

Reunion Grille
Tel: 512.528.5644   Website

River City Market
Tel: 512.462.4955   Website

Riviera Bistro
Tel: 512.263.2960   Website

Steve's Liquor and Fine Wine
Tel: 512.476.8082   Website

Tel: 512.495.6504   Website

The Austin Wine Merchant
512.495.0512   Website

The Carillon Restaurant at UT
Tel: 512.404.3655   Website

AUSTIN (continued)

The Daily Grill
Tel: 512.836.4200   Website

The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen
Tel: 512.327.8822   Website

Travis Heights Beverage World
Tel: 512.440.7778   Website

Tel: 512.524.2809   Website

Urban Wine and Liquor
Tel: 512.480.WINE   Website

Vince Young Steakhouse
Tel: 512.457.8325   Website

Vino 100
Tel: 512.255.0526   Website

Vino Vino
Tel: 512.465.9282   Website

Westwoods Liquor
Tel: 512.327.7920

Whip In
Tel: 512.442.5337   Website

Tel: 512.474.9463   Website

Wink Restaurant
Tel: 512.482.8868   Website


DALLAS (Metro Area)

Adelmo's Restaurant
Tel: 214.559.0325   Website

Bailey’s Prime Plus - Fairview
Tel: 972.363.2200   Website

Blue Armadillo Winery
Tel: 903.455.9463   Website

Brian’s Wine & More
Tel: 469.385.0490   Website

Buon Vino
Tel: 469.232.8522   Website

Coal Vines Plano
Tel: 214.855.4999   Website

Cork Wines
Tel: 214.780.0373   Website

Corner Wine
Tel: 972.403.9463   Website

Dee Lincoln's Tasting Room & Bubble Bar
Tel: 214.979.9463   Website

El Dorado Country Club
Tel: 972.529.6779   Website

FUQUA Winery
Tel: 214 769.1147   Website

Del Frisco’s
Tel: 972.490.9000   Website

Hurricane Creek & Country Club  (May)
Tel: 972.924.3212   Website

Jimmy's Food Store  (May)
Tel: 214.823.6180   Website

Kegs & Barrels  (May)
Tel: 972.578.3132   Website

Kirby's Steakhouse  (May)
Tel: 972.503.2122   Website

Tel: 214.252.0200   Website

Tel: 214.528-.1081  Website

Lavendou Bistro
Tel: 972.248.1911   Website

McKinney Wine Merchant
Tel: 972.542.4636   Website

Mercy Wine Bar
Tel: 972.702.9463   Website

Monticello Liquor & Fine Wines
Tel: 214.520.6618   Website

Nicola's Ristorante Italiano
Tel: 972.608.4455   Website

DALLAS (Metro Area continued)

Tel: 214.521.1800   Website

Mr. G’s Beverage & Deli Center
Tel: 972.867.2821

One 2 One Restaurant & Bar  (May)
Tel: 214.618.2221   Website

PK's #1  (May)
Tel: 214.461.0107   Website

Pogo’s Wine
Tel: 214.350.8989   Website

Princi Italia
Tel: 214.739.5959   Website

Randy’s Steakhouse  (May)
Tel: 972.335.3066   Website

Rise #1
Tel: 214.366.9900   Website

Rosewood Crescent Hotel
Tel: 214.871.3200   Website

Saint Emilion Restaurant
Tel: 817.737.2781   Website

Scardello Artisan Cheese
Tel: 214.219.1300   Website

Sea Breeze Restaurant
Tel: 972.473.2722   Website

Smoke Restaurant
Tel: 214.393.4141   Website

The Adolphus - French Room
Tel: 214.742.8200   Website

The Crescent Club
Tel: 214.871.3200   Website

The Grape Restaurant
Tel: 214.828.1981   Website

The Oceanaire
Tel: 972.759.2277   Website

The Second Floor
Tel: 972.450.2978   Website

The Rosewood Crescent Hotel
Tel: 214.871.3200   Website

III Forks
Tel: 972.267.1776   Website

Vino 100
Tel: 214.969.9463   Website

Westin Galleria Dallas
Tel: 972.934.9494   Website

Wine Cellar at Starwood
Tel: 214.705.1177   Website

Zin Zen Wine Bistro
Tel: 972.547.4620   Website


SAN ANTONIO (Metro Area)

Bistro Bakery
Tel: 210.824.3884   Website

Bistro Vatel
Tel: 210.828.3141   Website

Bliss Restaurant
Tel: 210.225.2547   Website

Il Sogno
Tel: 210.223.3900   Website

Joe Saglimbeni’s Fine Wine & Spirits
Tel: 210.349.5149   Website

Kirby’s Steakhouse
Tel: 210.404.2221   Website

Northridge Liquor
Tel: 210.824.6695   Website

Tel: 210.212.2221   Website

The Argyle
Tel: 210.824.1496   Website

The Bubble Room  (May)
Tel: 210.479.9463  Website

Tost Bistro & Bar  (May)
Tel: 210.408.2670   Website

Vintages 2.0
Tel: 210.410.0296